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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Perfect Wild and Wavy Hair by Jessa of Wavy Alabaster

(Photo by Jenn Ott)
Hey Everyone! I would like to introduce you to one of the grooviest gals - Jessa of Wavy Alabaster. Today she is going to share some hair tips. Make sure you visit her blog and IG: @jessagibboney

this wave of mine
Embrace what's natural. My hair rolls and coils with a life of its own poking me in the eye as a reminder it cannot be tamed. This mane of mine, which warms in January and soaks up the sun's color in July, has endured experiments, yet still maintains its natural flow. My wild and wavy hair; I decide now to let this trait help define me. It sets me apart, yet reminds me of a shared spectrum of beauty we all walk among on a daily basis. What was once camouflaged and changed, I now flaunt and parade.
Continue to read below for some tips to embracing what’s natural!

(Photo by Jenn Ott)

Leading Actor
Though it may sound ironic, achieving unruly hair requires discipline. You have to let it take the lead. The wave to my hair is natural. Pair that with the thickness and coarse-like texture and you have the making of a voluminous mess. I am a control freak to a degree and it was difficult for me to embrace. For years, I tried to flat iron my strains stick straight. We always want what we don’t have, right? Yet, once I embraced the wild wave, let it take the lead, it loved me right back. With each new day, I never know exactly how my hair will turn out. I love that! My hair, as crazy as it can be, is always being its natural self and that never goes out of style. And for those days it is just too frizzy or overwhelming, there is always wide-brimmed hats and bandanas.

Less is more
Less product, less washings, less is more with coarse, wavy hair.  Just because our mane can soak up more product doesn’t mean we should use it. The more I tamper with my locks, the more heavy and stiff it becomes. If your hair is the lead, your products and tools are supporting roles only intended to refresh and enhance.
Shampoo and condition your hair no more than two times a week. When a fresh head of hair is needed, say after an intense workout or a long day, simply wetting it gets the job done on most occasions.  Break out the baby powder, instead of wetting, to soak up the excess grease or sweat around the hairline. Yes, baby powder!  This old school method was introduced to me at a young age and it does the trick just as well as any dry shampoo I have ever tested.
When washing and conditioning, use two quarter-sized drops of each shampoo and conditioner. My go-to shampoo and conditioner is Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair needs constant hydration and this beautiful blend, with argan oil, Vitamins A and E, keeps my hair healthy and hydrated.

Sometimes minimal moose is applied to define my waves while my hair is wet. It is light and easy to distribute. Two half dollar swirls are all you need! Flip your freshly wet hair upside down and evenly scrunch the moose throughout the hair. Then, take your towel and, using the same scrunching motion, towel dry to remove excess water and moose.

Secret Weapon: Hydrating Cream
My hair is more prone to drying out, for example when I am not drinking enough water or during the harsh Pittsburgh winter months, I will use a quarter-size portion of Moroccanoil Hydrating Style Cream each time my hair is wet.  Hydrating cream is a coarse-haired girl’s best friend.  Oh, and throw a drop on if you hair needs a pick-me-up throughout the day!

Drink lots of water. Simple.

Keep it cool
Cool air and cool water makes for less frizz and damage. Using warm water is good when shampooing, but when rinsing switch to a cooler temperature. The pores in your scalp close locking in moisture.
Air drying is my preferred method, but there are times I want to unleash the va-va-volume! I will break out the hair dryer diffuser from time to time, but be sure to use cool air. Flip your hair upside down and move the diffuser in a scrunching technique for five minutes or so.  Flip your hair over, having your own Ariel moment, and proudly shake out your lion’s mane!

And for those days it is just too frizzy or overwhelming, there is always wide-brimmed hats and bandanas. Enjoy embracing your natural!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Letting Go and Trusting God

Photo and words by @befreedesigns1

For me, today, being brave is about letting go and trusting the Lord. He knows my heart...He is with me and will not let me fall.

Sometimes being brave isn't about starting new adventures, sometimes it's about letting go of old ones. 

Young Living Essential Oils

I've noticed that everyone seems to be on an essential oils kick lately. Sometimes it takes a trend or fad to bring about interest in a product and for people to finally believe something works. But truth be told, essential oils have been around forever. My family has used them for years. This has been my morning ritual (photo above). I love to start the day off with a drop of @younglivingeo Grapefruit oil and Lemon oil in a glass of water. The Grapefruit oil curbs hunger while Lemon oil (helps with many things) cleanses - greatly helps with acne

Summer Vacation?

Just curious Would love to know what adventures you have planned.

Small Business...

Good advice on this FridayAny plans for the weekend? 

I Want to Know YOU

Found this nest while picking blackberriesJust wanted to let everyone know again that you can use #freetobemejournal to have your photos featured here on The Free to be Me Journal. I also want to really encourage you to send me an email at freetobemejournal@gmail.com, telling me about your story, dreams, small business, advice, or just to feature someone else. I want to focus more on uniting together and supporting one another through life. This account is all about you and letting Jesus shine through us. So let's get to know one another

Dry Shampoo

Ok. Random question coming at you this Monday. What's your favorite brand of Dry Shampoo?